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Renewable energies

we provide a complete service

The great experience of INDYCA staff regarding setup of renewable energies infrastructures (especially wind and PV solar farms) enables us to provide top-level consulting services ranging from project development (studies, planning and design) to the setup, control and monitoring, according to promoters needs and requests.

INDYCA carries out the following activities regarding renewable energies:

  • Territorial planning and strategic Renewable Energies Plans.
  • Prospecting of resources and selection of appropriate areas for the setup of energy infrastructures.
  • Drafting and filing of documents for Environmental Assessment in Strategic Plans and projects.
  • General environmental advice on plans and projects: filing, approval, compensatory measures, specific reports, etc.
  • Integrated project management: Design Energy Plants.
  • Technical Projects for Wind Power Farms.
  • Technical Projects for Solar Power Farms.
  • Technical projects for Power lines and Substations.
  • Environmental recovery projects and their works management.
  • Technical-environmental advice on construction and setup of renewable energies infrastructures.
  • Environmental control and monitoring of works (including archaeological monitoring).
  • Environmental monitoring of the infrastructures in operation: incidence in birdlife, accomplishment of revegetation measures, etc.
  • Design and development of training courses and environmental awareness campaigns regarding renewable energies.
  • Technical-environmental advice on construction and setup...

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